Monday, December 7, 2009

Did I Tell You It Snowed Up Here???????

Yes, you heard correctly......IT SNOWED HERE ON SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!! it was so pretty....

Not a lot, just a little over an was cold & windy BUT OH SO PRETTY!

I took the dogs out into the yard so they could stretch their legs, Max wanted no part of it....TO COLD!

But this little one, I know ~ I know she's not so little, but, she's younger :) ~ she LOVED IT & so did the Pink Piggy.....

We got to talk to Billy yesterday morning, he got a kick out of the pictures of the snow, he was wearing shorts and his flip-flops! He got his Christmas package and loved the cookies ~ even if they were as flat as Communion wafers, LOL! He has been sharing them with his buddies, he doles out a few each night after they get back from dinner ~ he put a few of each aside for Christmas for all of them. A lot of the moms sent homemade goodies ~ so they'll all be sharing with each other for Christmas :)

Friday we're going out to CHOP DOWN OUR TREE!!!!!! Lexi is going to come along, you get to take a horse drawn sleigh out to the fields to pick & chop your tree & then you go off to the barn for hot cider or cocoa & gingerbread men....I'll decorate it on Saturday after it has a chance to open up and dry out. So once that's done I'll post up some pictures!

This is where we go (the picture is from their web-site) Boland's Tree Farm ~ oh I love going out there!

Well, I have to run.....Until tomorrow Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. Oh, I love long as it doesn't stop everything around us!! Usually if we get an inch we shut everything down cause we only know how to drive in the sunshine!! Ha!!! Your trip to get a tree sound so fun!! I just went to Walmart and got mine!! Ha! You have a great evening!! LYLAS!!

  2. The snow is so pretty! I am with Cindy, we don't know much about snow down here:) Glad you got to talk to Billy and getting his package from him Mama-priceless! Have a blessed day Dear Lynda!

  3. I love how you get your tree! Sounds so magical and fun! We yell at Austin to watch the girls, get on our shoes (so we don't slip), go down to the basement, drag it out of the box and kill ourselves (and almost each other) getting it up the stairs! Not so magical here! Have a wonderful day and I can not wait to see the tree!