Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ms. Bailey Platt Is A Sick Pup.......

Please say little prayer for my Ms. B.....she has pancreatitis and also a possible "collapsed" small bowel.

I can't remember the exact term for it, but picture a telescope when you open it up and then collapse it that is what the vet said her small bowel looks like she had 2 x-rays, 4 shots and some blood work & we were sent home with MORE PILLS.

If she can't keep down any water throughout the night she will have to go back in the morning for more x-rays and a scope of her stomach & intestines, if things look the same with the small bowel then we have to think about possible surgery on the intestine to open it back up. If she keeps the water down then I can try some rice & hamburger tomorrow afternoon and see how that goes ~ so please please I know that there are a lot of prayer requests going around and it might seem like a silly thing but she's like my baby, my very silly very loud very furry baby!!!

Like Forrest Gump said "we go together like peas & carrots" & tonight I am so tired and truly heartbroken thinking about what could lie ahead for that little pup!

I'll keep you posted, until tomorrow Be Safe & God Bless!!!


  1. Not silly at all dear friend! I am so sorry that she and you are feeling this way! She is a loved one to you and we pray for loved ones... nuf said:) Hope all goes good tonight and that she will be better in the morning! Love from Georgia!

  2. Well, it is morning now and I hope she drank some water last night. Sounds like she is a member of your family and that warrants prayers no matter what. Let us know. Have a good day.

  3. Oh Lynda...I hope that Ms.Bailey was able to keep the water down and that she get better!! We had to deal with Wally not feeling so good last week but he got better really quick!! I will keep Ms. Bailey in my prayers and please let us know how she is doing!! I am here if you need me!! ILYLAS!!