Sunday, December 27, 2009

Now You See It & Now You don't..............

Yes, dear friends it's true Christmas is officially over here at the Platt house and I have to say that this year I was not sorry to see it go. I have been working non-stop since 8:15am this morning, UGHHHHHH! I've packed, put away, dragged the tree out to the back, dusted, swept, made a pot of vegetable beef soup, did laundry, steamed my floors, ironed clothes.....Oi, I need a nap, LOL! But, now it's done and just a memory until next year!

We didn't have our slumber party last night, we're not sure what happened all we know is that Lex didn't come :( oh well, maybe next time.

We did however, go to my mother's Nikky & Mike came with us, it was a nice visit. Then we stopped in back at Nikky & Mike's to check out the new Wii Fit...OH MY I HAD A was so fun, Mike is really good at it & Nikky was so cute doing the hoola hoop and jogging....I'm thinking I might get one for our house, it is going to be shown tonight on QVC so I think I'll check it out. Of course I'll have to consult Nik & Mike before making a purchase, HEHEHE!

Nothing else happpening around here, I'm gonna' scoot so until tomorrow Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. Well you have been just too busy!! I still have all my stuff up and not really in any big hurry to take it down!! I would have loved to have a bowl of that soup...I think I may have to make a pot of soup soon!! Tracy has that wii fit and loves it!! You get you some rest and maybe the slumber party can take place soon!! Have a good one!! LYLAS!!!

  2. Well, you read about my tree:) SO it is down also. I still have lots to do but no rush! I am like Cindylou, soup sounds delish! Enjoy your day off and don't clean too much. You are one busy lady. Love to all and have a blessed day!