Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bad Dog.......

Well this little runt (see below) is back to normal and here are some "snaps" to prove it!!!!!!!!

I stayed home for a bit this morning to see Billy on the local news, his Holiday Greeting aired today on our local news station....and yes, I CRIED. He watched from Okinawa too, he's taking the "Oki 500" drive 500 miles & attend Humvee classes and get your license to drive a Humvee ~ he's almost there & so excited!!! Well anyway, see I get off track very easily, he had some down time and went into the shoppette on his break and logged onto a buddies laptop (nice to have friends all over the base!) and brought up the website and watched live ~ what a kid...said (he called me to make sure I knew it was on) he wasn't missing his hometown debut, LOL! Ahh, I love and miss that kid so much... here are a few pics of Billy and a few of his buddies out in Kintown he was so excited because he was the driver, 1st time driving in Okinawa off base!!!

Billy front & center

Billy (R)

Anyway back to what I was saying....after the news was over I went off to get ready for work and don't you know Little Miss B was up to her old tricks! I could hear her scampering all around the downstairs, so I crept down to investigate and this is what I found!

BAIIIIIIIILEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ~ WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS??????? Yikes! Socks, towels, one glove, the other is missing in action????? My cute little snowman todo-list pad :/ WHAT A BAD GIRL!

Oh well, the picture doesn't do it or her justice, she just has the cutest little face that I cant' help but laugh. I know I shouldn't but I can't help it!

Well, I'm off so my friends until tomorrow Be Safe & God Bless!!!


  1. Cute, healthy looking, cute as a button Bailey! Oh that Billy is a handsome fella and it warms my heart to know that you are getting a little peek at him this Christmas:) I hope you get to see more! Have a blessed day dear Lynda!

  2. Oh I just laughed when I seen the little mess on the floor and cute little Ms. B holding her toy! I think that you did that and just had to blame it on her!! She does not look like she could do that!!! HA!! It is hard to get onto them when they are so darn cute!! You have a great day and ILYLAS!!

  3. Lynda, I am SO sorry! I thought I put Munson to bed last night! Looks like he was at your house tearing up things! I know sweet little Bailey did NOT do that, so Munson must have! :)
    Glad you got to see your boy! He is so handsome and I know you are so proud! Have a wonderful day!