Wednesday, December 2, 2009

News From The Infirmary.......

Just a quick Bailey update, first thanks for all of the prayers! While she's not out of the woods completely she's doing better tonight.

We had to go back to the vet for more lab work and x-rays this morning to see if the blockage had moved and to be sure that her stomach hadn't flipped. Her stomach looked good on film and wasn't as bloated as yesterday, she had a quiet night, all of those shots helped to keep her quiet. The bowel looked like it had moved a little and the vet said that she was probably up last night because that pocket/blockage had moved and she could feel it. So I was relieved and happy to hear that. She was happy to because he let us give her a bit of rice & hamburger this afternoon and she ate it right up and went to sleep for several hours.

Mr. P is back home so I was able to get to work for a few hours today, can I just tell you I missed him terribly but he is one messy man.....that's what I told Bailey this afternoon, "look at our bachelorette pad girl, it's a mess" , honestly he's like a tornado.

There's stuff from one end to the other....MEN! All I have to say is YOU BETTER GET IT CLEANED UP, ON THE DOUBLE!!!!

Well, I need to run...have to get a few things done and then I'm going go hit the hay....Ms. B is already in bed waiting (see up top) she sleeps with her little pink piggy, who knew????

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless & Thank you all for thinking of us!!!


  1. Glad to hear that Ms. Bailey is on the mend! Sweet picture:) Mr. P better straighten up! Men ARE messy, well at least some are. I know you are glad to have hime back home, messy and all! Have a restful evening!

  2. Well I am so glad that Ms. Bailey is doing better!! And tell Mr. P he is gonna have to do like the Marines and have a work party to get everything cleaned up!! I am glad he is back home and I know you are...mess and all!! Have a great evening!! ILYLAS!!

  3. Sounds like she is on the mend. Nice to hear. I thought about her yesterday during the day. She looks so sad right now. My mess-makers drive me nuts...all five of them!!!! I never realized you live in Mass. until I saw the "New England" comment on Mom's blog. I guess you just feel closer! Wow! Send me some Chowder "Auntie Lynda"! :) Better yet, bring it and stay awhile! Have a great day!