Saturday, December 19, 2009

Old Movies.......

I love old movies, this is one of my favorite....

We were up and out early just running our regular Saturday errands and trying to beat the Panicked Crowd ~ ooooooopppppssssss!!!!! 7:30am was toooo late to beat the crowd every crack-pot from here to Cape Cod and back happened to be out early too, GRRRRRRR!!!

Well, we fought off the crowds did what we needed to do and got home relatively unscathed, LOL!!! Mr. P needed to take a double dose of his blood pressure medication after this mornings outing!!!

Now were settled in and waiting for the "Storm of The Century" to hit and watching old movies....

Baked chicken and sweet potato fries (oven baked of course) for dinner & eggnog's for our "dessert" LOL~ we just finished up "An Affair To Remember" I didn't think Mr. P would sit through the entire thing without snoozing but he managed to watch it, I cried always do! I'm just a sucker for romance, next up "Christmas Vacation" ...

Have a great night tomorrow expect a complete report on the storm with lots of pictures!

Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. oh I love movie night!! I could stay in when its cold and watch tv and sit by the fire!! Well you have a great evening and remember ILYLAS!!!

  2. Sound like a great evening! Stay safe and warm! Can't wait to see the snow pictures! Happy Sunday:)