Monday, December 21, 2009

Marine Moms.......

Sometimes in life you meet a few people that just touch you & you know that they know exactly how you are feeling & will just pick up the phone and call to say "I love ya", they are like rare and precious gems.....CindyLou happens to be one of those rare gems, do ya'll know Ms. CindyLou??? I bet you do!!! Then there's Leah and of course where ever Leah goes you're sure to find a "Bug" too, they called me Saturday morning & Ms. Leah was just bawling her eyes out at first I thought something was wrong ~ they had just watched Billy's Holiday Greeting & Leah was beside herself, we had a good laugh :) and then there's Glenn, & Lisa ~ you get it. It's true you know once your son steps through those doors you become family, through thick & thin! I love these ladies, they are all such strong beautiful women!

This is Donna Wilson
her son Ryan was one of Billy's boot camp buddies. They were 2nd & 3rd Squad Leader, this is a picture of the two of them getting ready to run the obstacle course during Boot Camp (shortly after arriving @ Parris Island)

Ryan is to the left, Billy is to the right looking up with that oh "Sugar Honey Ice Tea" look in his eyes, LOL!

The night this picture was loaded by the SDIs wife we both "jumped" on it and figured out each other's YUKU names and started chatting & then exchanged phone numbers and just hit it off from there! Billy & Ryan were together during MCT & MOS school too, Ryan is deploying at the end of January :/

Donna saw these little sweetie pies and had one made for me, Pass The Bounty PLEASE!

Anyway, I just though I'd share this with all of you tonight!

And a few more "snaps" of the snow, Mr. P went out today to the woods to walk around and this is what he saw.....


  1. I know Cindylou, she's my baby sister:) I am so thankful for all of you, for your support and for the love and friendship you have shown to all of us! Love the pictures! Have a blessed evening dear Lynda!

  2. Oh Lynda...I need those Bounty tissues now!! Once our boys stepped through those doors and we logged onto that computer we were bound together!! Through thick and thin...the good times and the bad times...NO matter what we as Marine Parents are stuck together and I certainly would never have made it this far with out you all!!! I love that stocking...where did she get that I want one!! And all that snow...our world would for sure come to an end if it did that here!! Those pictures were GREAT!! You have a great evening!! LYLAS!!! You are such a dear sweet friend!!