Friday, March 12, 2010

A Night In The The Infirmary Part 2......What We Do For Sleep!

Hello ladies, just a quick post number one patient had a rough night :(

She cried and whined, I sat with her & rubbed her head, I patted her belly...we dressed up warm and went out on the deck in the middle of the night, we cried some more ~ yes at that point I was crying too!

Mr. P came down to take over to no avail, Bailey was having no part of it and yes, believe it or not threw a doggie temper tantrum. Barking, whining, howling, thrashing around. So back downstairs I came....

What to do, light bulb....I'll just camp out next to you, will that make you quiet down and relax a bit????? Set myself up, tossed the couch cushions in front of the crate, grabbed my pillows & blanket. Popped open the crate door, took off that silly cone out she squirmed and what you see at the top of the page was the end result.

Mr. P came down at about 6:45 this morning and turned right back around and grabbed the camera. Hey, I'm not proud, I'll do anything for a couple of winks & if camping out gets us another few hours of sleep that's what we'll do!

We're expecting rain tomorrow ~ ALL DAY....good day for chicken soup & reading ALL DAY :)

@Cindylou, so happy that you heard from that Sweet Justin twice in one day, I know your heart and sprits were lifted up and you were OVER THE MOON! That too made my day, happy tears and happy BANANA DANCE for you OOH-RAH!

@Thresea, please let me know when you'll be by, I need me some spring cleaning around here ;)!

@Joyce, thanks for that video of that sweet little Makoa, made my day, lots of hugs!

@Julie, I do hope that you are feeling better today & that you hear from your Justin soon too ~ OOH-RAH!!!

@Heather, Thaks for all of your kind words and prayers, God Bless!


  1. Oh what a good Mommy you are! That's the way Mother's are, gotta get the sleep however you can get it! I hope tonight will be better for you and your patient! Get the cleaning supplies and I'll be right up! Love to all and prayers!

  2. That picture's a keeper. Gotta send that one to Japan. :-) (and mamas think its over when empty nest arrives....THINK again!!!) Too precious. YOU ARE a good mommy. I do hope you ALL have a better nite tonight. Bless her heart. Praying you through the long haul. Glad you don't have to work tomorrow.
    We are having an electrical storm as I type. YIKES! what am I doing on this compy? I am feeling better - ate tonight - THANKS!
    Still no call but its only been 8 days so I'll just pack up another box and get it out tomorrow...
    Give Ms. B a rub for me and tell her people are praying for her. Hugs!

  3. I've been there, done that. You do what you have to do. ;) I just don't have any pictures to prove it. lol!

  4. oh my sweet Lynda...You are so good to sleep like that with Ms.B...She is so lucky to have you!! I am so glad that she seems to be better! You have a great day and stay dry and read lots of good books for me! LYLAS!!

  5. What a sweet picture. You are a good "Momma". Hope she is feeling better today!