Monday, March 8, 2010

Day Trip To Hedo Point..........

Billy called us Saturday evening our time Sunday morning his time to say hi, catch up & to show us some pictures from his Saturday Outing....So without further ado, pictures from Hedo Point; courtesy of Cpl Platt!!

Billy climbed out onto the bluffs to get these pictures, Katrina took pictures of him taking pictures while yelling at him to get off the "CLIFF"!!

Doesn't this rock formation look like a turtle?????

The road up to the point.....

Katrina singing cadence and marching along....

Billy, ready for lunch....

Well, I hope you enjoyed them...if they have time next Saturday they are going on a day trip to see WWII ruins.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!

Please continue to pray for Justin, Justin, Ryan, Blake, & Mark!


  1. Great pictures! What a pretty place! Our Marine, Justin, just got home from a years deployment in Afghanistan. Back in North Carolina with his wife! We won't get to see them until they get a vacation, I imagine! xoxo

  2. Wonderful pictures! Isn't it nice that he gets to see such beautiful scenery with his gal? They sure are a lovely couple. Oh I can't wait to see the WWII ruins, hopefully:) Hugs to you and prayers for all of our troops!

  3. Love those pictures!!! Those two kiddos are so darn cute together!! I am glad that he has someone there with him he gets to do stuff with!! I hope that you are have a great evening and prayers are going up constantly!! LYLAS!!

  4. Wow, gorgeous pics. Do you ever stop and just pinch yourself about the fact that you have a Marine son who is living in Japan?????? Did you ever even think one of your kids would be living there??? Did I read somewhere that his gal was going to be restationed?????
    That may be hard! I know you are so glad to be able to communicate with him right now. Semper Fi!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. He took some great shots! It looks like he is having so much fun. :)

  6. What great pictures! He is a good boy to keep you so involved in what he is doing! I have missed a lot! I am catching up! See you on another one in a minute! :)