Saturday, March 27, 2010

Outlet Shopping With My Kiddo.......

Wrentham Premium Outlets ~ can we say AHHHHHHHHH SHOPPING!

Up early and out the door as soon as Nikky pulled in, no not really...I got sidetracked by a few phone calls before I was all dolled up & then as we were walking out the door Billy The Kid called all the way from Okinawa ~ LOL!

He chatted with his big sis for quite a bit and then gave me a quick "Hiya' Ma...I'll call you and dad tonight, got lots of pictures for you guys to see, love ya call ya back tonight ~ Click" So that means that I'll have some more snaps to share with all of you tomorrow!

Now on to the task at hand, SHOPPING!!!! Ahhhhhh, be still my heart! The first place we stopped at was....

I got Nikky a small cross body bag for her B-Day but she really wanted a bigger bag so I told her that we could go back together and get a bigger one...anything for my sweetie! Let me tell you the bag she got was bigger than her!!!!

This bag but in black ~ so pretty, but she'll need a hand truck to get it around after she loads it up. She grabbed herself a sweet little wristlet too, of course to match her new B-Day gift! She is just too precious...

Then I moved on to the Clark's Outlet!!! Happy Girl!!!! Picked up these little numbers!

After that we checked out a few kitchen stores and then off to the Mall & the Bridal Store...I think I found the dress that I will wear, Nikky liked it so after a few more LBS melt off (LOL) I'll go back to scoop it up! I think I 'll get coral & a coral bag & shoes with a floral print wrap....Nikky didn't find the shoes she wanted so we'll just keep looking....

Mike's mom offered to have the shower at her house so that will be a big help!!!! Their house is so much bigger than ours and of course I won't have to worry about kenneling up the dogs for the day...

So things are coming together..I'm going to go sit my butt down now and have a cup of tea!

Hope that all of you have a great day! Remember to keep our guys & gals in your prayers, especially Justin, Justin, Blake, Ryan, Mark & Billy :) also, please keep my blogger pal Julie's mom in your thoughts and prayers....


  1. What a FUN day. I hope they will be able to live near you?????... so you won't miss your girl.
    So wonderful that you got to hear from Billy. I am cheering for you. (Can you hear me???)
    Thank you for prayers for my mom. You are sweet!!! She was having hallucinations tonight that men were coming in and out of her room. They said it's from the radiation disturbing the cancer tumors...Yikes... but she's handling it well, I think. Hugs!

  2. Well I am just jealous...I wish we lived closer together!!
    I am glad that you have found a dress and you should have probably went ahead and got the may not be there when you go back!!
    I will be praying for Julies mom!! I hate she is not feeling so well!!
    Have a great evening!! LYLAS!!

  3. Fun day for you two girls! Love me some shopping and to shop with your daughter... priceless. Love the birthday bags she chose! Can't wait to see the dress you chose, I know you are gonna be "one hot Mama"! Love to you and all of you family! Praying for your sweet Son and Julie's Mom! Have a blessed day!