Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rain, Reading, & More Rain........

As the weather men predicted it is raining & quite hard I might add....not a pitter-patter more like a steady downpour.

I've been inside all day with the exception of helping Ms. B along when she needs to get out and down the stairs of the deck....not another great night for sleep and I think it has fianlly caught up with me ~ PLEASE PLEASE Sleep tonight little lady, I am begging you, I give you an entire box of treats if you just sleep!!!

She's actually been relatively quiet to day and I had her out and about for a bit this morning and this afternoon. Applied some heat to her little leg and then did some excercises and then applied some ice! She didn't mind me touching her leg just wasn't crazy about the heat or the cold ~ would have rather played with the ice :)

Just finished a very good book...Tracy if your reading this you have to pick up "A Death In Vienna" ~ a very good "who done it"!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless.....


  1. We had one of those downpour days yesterday and just a sprinkle here and there today!!

    I hope Ms.B lets you get some rest...I can't go without sleep!! You have a good evening and that book looks spooky to me!! All is well here...constantly with a prayer upon my heart for our boys!!


  2. Checking in on Ms. B. I am saying mulitple prayers tonight that she will sleep comfortably.
    And I already feel bad cause it WOULD have to be the weekend we LOSE an hour of sleep..arrggg. (But I will be thankful for the longer daylight hours.)
    Lynda, I DO hope you get sleep tonight !!!! Praying!!!! Got my phone call!!!!!!! THANKS.

  3. It has been raining like that a lot here and I am SICK of it! When we need it this summer, where will it be? I am happy that Ms. B is letting you help her but I sure wish you could get some rest. After a while, no sleep hurts! Hugs to you and we'll pray for a good night!

  4. Hoping that you're getting a good night's rest right now. Ms. B, let your momma get some sleep! ;)

    We don't have a time change here. It's very odd.

  5. Writing the name of the book down right now! My internet has been down so I am going to have to catch up on Mrs. B. Sorry you guys are having a hard time. Hope all is well very soon. It has been raining for days here. So dreary. I never mind it when I have nowhere to go, but lately, that is just not the case. Have a great day and get some rest!