Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cash What Where..................

Mr. P is on a mission to clean out the attic!!! Now you say oh no, but I say oh yeah!!! I love going up there but I am afraid to go up alone...we have the pull down stairs and they just scare the heck out of me...

It's chuck full of good stuff, stuff we can keep & re-purpose and stuff we can sell...I can't wait to get up there and poke around!!

Oh and just in case you were wondering I cut my I feel like me again ~ LOL!!! I'll pay-up but...I bet if I make a pouty face Mr. P will let me keep my $100.00 :) ~ hey, it;s worth a shot, I'm not proud! $100.00 bucks can get me a lot of good junk!

Nikky & I are going out shopping Saturday, first to the outlets and then to David's Bridal so she can order her shoes and her unmentionables shhhhhh!!!

Well, I'm off...Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God bless!!


  1. I have so much stuff in my attic and basement I should be ashamed!! I just rather leave it and let my kids deal with it one day!! I would rather go shopping and buy more stuff to put away!! You will have so much fun shopping with Nikky!! You have a great evening!! LYLAS!!

  2. Cool beans...treasure hunting in the attic...Maybe you WILL find something worth gold...ya know? like all those people on Antiques Road Show??? Hope you have fun.
    Hope you get to keep your $$$$, and hope you have fun shopping. Have a great Thursday.

  3. We have no attic. The one good thing about moving so often is that it forces us to go through things every few years. We still have too much junk, but it's not too bad. ;)

  4. Need help, I LOVE digging around in other people's stuff:) One of the first on the "to do list" for me and my honey when he retires IS cleaning out the attic and out outter garage/storage/junk building. Oh my, look out at the dump! When we built this house, we built that garage for lawn mowers, tools etc. It is filled with mostly stuff that needs to GO. Have a blessed day and can't wait to see what you find:) Have fun shopping with Nikky! Hugs and prayers!

  5. Have a garage sale! Make money and start all over! How fun! Love your blog! I knew you'd cut your hair. lol! Hope you have a great day!!! xoxo