Sunday, March 14, 2010

When Sleep Doesn't Come The Tired Go Shopping.....

Yes friends you heard me.....SHOPPING, where you ask ~ "Why, right here in my little old living room"!!

No sleep...the only person awake in the world = QVC....yes, yes QVC PLEASE DO NOT TELL ON ME!!!!

I couldn't resist, Nikky and I had a day of shopping planned for yesterday up at the Wrentham Outlets but the rain washed our plans away. So I did the next best thing :)

I have been wanting a new leather handbag and well look what I scooped up....

I thought it was a nice pop of color for the spring :)

That's all I bought...

More rain today, but that's o.k. some days it's nice to just stay home!!

Reading "Sarah's Keys" it's a beautifully written heartbreaking story ~ Very good and a must read!

Well, I'm going to run, Until Tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. OH...I love that purse!!! Beautiful spring color!! But I will not tell on you!! It is our secret!! hehe!! Have a great evening!!! LYLAS!!

  2. I really like the purse. Hope you sleep good tonight. Going to bed now! xoxo

  3. Oh how I hope this Monday morning finds you all rested having had a great night's sleep:) I am a big 'ole baby about not getting enough sleep! Love the purse and hope your patient is getting better each day! Have a blessed day my friend! Love to all!