Friday, March 5, 2010

Monthly Trip To The Infusion Center...... was Remicade Day today, jeepers, I really can't tell you how much I dislike going there, however, my doctor, Dr. Alex (first name)...I've been going to him monthly for almost 6 years now. He is from Latvia, his last name is a real tongue twister so we just call him Dr. Alex. He's very nice and compassionate and really cares about his patients. The infusion nurse is wonderful and really goes out of her way to make us feel as comfortable as possible!

I was in a group with some real "wet rags" they just didn't laugh or talk, of course I've been in many groups because I always seem to get sick and have to stop my infusions for a while ~ but ~ knock wood ~ I haven't been sick for a while so I am back with my original Friday Remicade Laugh Gang & laugh we do!

I was able to get all of my housework done before I left so I was got to come home and crash, which is exactly what I did!

I only had one meltdown, I couldn't get a box of tea bags open and went bananas, so I knew it was time to close my eyes. And, can I tell you Mr. P. was so happy, I guess I can be a real handful when I don't feel good :)

Now I am going to make that cup of tea, hopefully tear & rant free and read for a while...tomorrow will be a better day. We should have sun so even if it is chilly/cold I will be outside bundled up and soaking up some rays!!

Until tomorrow God Bless & Be Safe!!!


  1. I sure hope you enjoy that cup of tea! I am sorry that you have to endure these tough days. I am glad that you got to be with the happy group:) this time! Hope you have a bright day tomorrow and have a whole bunch of fun! ((((HUGS)))) to you my dear friend!

  2. I am so sorry you have to go through this!! I am so happy that you got to be with the group that make you laugh!! I hope that tomorrow is a better day for you my friend!! Have a great evening and get you some rest!! LYLAS!!!

  3. oh! I feel so badly for you! Some days are really tough! You must have an extremely tough day every month!! ouch. You also must be a trooper. (My mom is a trooper. She has had cancer since 1995 and is still fighting it. She has lots of tough days now...She will go out swinging with both fists.) When you have people around you that help you to laugh and forget for a while...boy does that help. They are special. Glad you got to be back with that special group. And I hope you are feeling much better tomorrow! hugs.

  4. I hope you get lots of rest this weekend! You deserve it. Go out and let the sun hit your face. I have heard the vitamin D is good for mood leveling, too. I have needed some mood leveling this week on my diet. I was about to blow on the last two days. Cindy will tell you! Hope you have a great weekend.