Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stress Test.....

I had to go for a treadmill-stress test today....ever had one? If you didn't have a heart condition before starting the test you'll have one for sure when you get off that thing!

As many of you know I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, fun-fun! Well for about the last three years I have been getting short of breath, I had a normal echo cardiogram right about the time the shortness of breath started. It still comes and goes and is really pronounced when I am very fatigued or when walking and talking at the same time & I LOVE TO TALK!!! My primary care doctor spoke to my rheumatologist and they decided that maybe I should have this test done to check blood flow to my heart and to rule out Rheumatic Heart Disease...I don't think I have that, I just think that maybe sometimes I get tired and just need to slow down!

And that's exactly what I told the doctor that kept cranking up that stupid treadmill...just a bit faster, the incline is going to go up just a bit more...faster now faster...

UMMMMM doctor, pufff puffffff ahhhhhhaarrghhhh excuse me I can't feel my lips.

Your lips, are the numb and tingly?

YES Einstein.

Can you breath Mrs. Platt?

Not really & don't call me Mrs. Platt.

Well just try to keep going.

Mrs. Platt, are you o.k.?

NO...I can't feel my face and I am lightheaded, stop asking me questions because I cannot breathe and you are making me use valuable oxygen....

Mrs. Platt get ready to jump off HURY JUMP!!!

Are you kidding me JUMP! I'll jump right out that window ~ Jerk....

How are you doing?

Seriously, how am I doing, how do I look like I am doing????

Yes, that is how the exchange between patient & doctor went...he just smiled :) I am cranky I know it & I apologize Doctor Korbin. That's o.k., you did great!

Well, after that I needed a nap! Did I get one NOPE, had a few extra minutes to myself so I took in some much needed Retail Therapy ~ ahhhh can we say Happy Girl!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. So sorry for your awful stress test. Can we say Epic Crankiness going on in the doctors office today??? Hah..who wouldn't after all that?
    Sounds almost worse than the Crucible! Hope all your tests are super duper Passing grade! Have a restful night.... you deserve it. My younger cousin has suffered with rheumatiod arthritis. Mean stuff. Hugs!

  2. Yeah, I have never had this done and may die if I did!! And would definetly cuss the Doctor out if he was telling me to do anything while on the treadmill!! I just can't imagine having that done but probably will one day!! I hope you get some rest and glad that you got in some of that special therapy!! Have a great evening!! LYLAS!!

  3. Well, I HAVE had one of those and they are stressful... hence the name:) But mine turned out fine and hopefully yours will too! Some of those tests are not fun but we just have to do it anyway. I am happy you got a little shopping in. You deserved it:) Have a blessed day my friend! Hope today is a beautiful day for you!

  4. Well, I have never had a stress test, but I do know how hard it is to talk while on a treadmill. Hope your test comes out with good results! Have a good day!!