Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day At The Beach.....

It was beautiful here today...the sun was shining all day long so we took of for the afternoon and went to Horseneck Beach. Before you ask I forgot my camera :( I was so mad at myself!

There were quite a few people and such beautiful little children playing in the sand...there were four beautiful horses walking the beach, I got to pet the biggest one, he was just beautiful, his coat was fire red and he had a black mane. I wanted to jump up on him and gallop down the beach!

I collected some shells for my planters.....Ms. Bailey was very interested in checking them out when we got in....she's going to be having her knee surgery this Thursday, my poor little baby :(

Bailey, waiting for me to let her back outside so she can collect her pink piggy, she forgot her out there!

Tiny little shells, I like to look at them and think of the beach!

Max, our Old Man...he could careless he has a full belly and was in need of a nap!

Hope that all of you had a good day, we are having company tonight. My husbands cousins & the hubs are stopping Until tomorrow God Bless & Be Safe!

Oh, by the way...Mr. P has me going out fishing tomorrow morning AAAHHHHHHHHHGGGGGG!!! I'll be taking my camera!!


  1. Oh Lynda,

    What fun to get to go to a beach and find shells. Wish I could have been there with you. I love to do that. How COOL to get to go pat some horses. I think they are such majestic looking animals. My sis has two. She lives for those babies.
    I'm so thrilled you shared photos of your four-legged family members. Adorable. Dawgs just make a home...course I'm prejudiced a bit, but I bet Billy misses them.
    I know if Justin gets hooked up with a little military mutt stray...he will SPOIL it. I know he will miss our pups and just feel it when he sees another dawg over there. Woobie is his little Devil Dog. He has a pic of him on his wallpaper (cell phone) he calls him Lone Wolf.
    Thanks for sharing your fun, and oh my! catch a whopper tomorrow...will you eat your catch???

  2. Well it sounds like a wonderful time at he beach!! I really wish I lived closer to you so that I could go with you!! And well as far as the fishing goes...I think I may have to have a headache and pass on that one!! I can't be still long enough to catch anything!! haha!! You have fun and please do take pictures!! LYLAS!!!

  3. Sounds like a lovely day. Our dog always has to check everything out just like that. It's rather funny.

    Have fun fishing! ;)

  4. Mr. P is getting you ready for that big camping extravaganza:) Love the sea shells and sometimes we can take a view into someones day thru their words. I could see the kids playing in the sand and you petting that beautiful horse! Oh how I love the beach. Sweet puppy dogs! Have a blessed day my friend! Catch yourself a big fish and have it for dinner:) HUGS!