Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trash In The Attic.......

No not my attic...I found this online but you get the picture....when we took over the house it was in a bit if disrepair. So we set about to fix the things that we needed to. Gutted the kitchen & bathroom down to the studs and in a few short weeks we had two "new rooms"!

Then on to the dining room...viola BRAND NEW! Front porch which was enclosed and not usable until we put in new hardwood flooring and heat...again VIOLA usable space!

We were told by my in-laws that the roof was fairly new so we weren't that worried about it...UNTIL!!!!! Mr. P went up to clean the gutters the following fall..."ummmmm, honey, honey we need a new roof and the chimney needs to be fixed" ~ MONEY PIT!!!!!

Well, we had a new roof put on, chimney fixed but it was too small for a new flue, not up to fire code so we had a gas inset put in!

Mr. P has been up poking around a few times and always comes down a mess...but with a glimmer of excitement in my heart I went up to day & was hoping to find some hidden treasures...the old roof leaked on boxes of old clothes, books, blah blah, Vintage Christmas Cards, old Gorgeous Luggage & then the from the banging and hammering when the old roof was ripped off (4 layers of old roof) & the new roof put on it made a mess, black tar debris covering everything. So sad....My Husbands grandmother never threw anything out so we have A LOT OF SORTING & CLEANING TO DO UP THERE ~ GRRRRRR!

I banged my head on the roof several times, had a sneezing attack and then finally felt the floor shift when I said I had had enough!!! Down I went and got cleaned up!

All we managed to do was make a bigger mess and move things from one side to the other...I am not sure if we can salvage anything but we'll go up again and look around some more and decide what we want to do.

Billy called me yesterday morning as we were scooting out so he told me he would call back so as not to hold us up, well he called and wouldn't you know it his Vonage phone was giving him trouble AGAIN...the call goes through but we can't hear him & he can hear us....I think it might be the room he moved into when he was promoted to has been acting up ever since. Needless to say I was heartbroken, he so wanted to show us the pictures and talk to us, we haven't been able to talk to him sine he called to say he was granted early orders home...I have been in a bit if a funk all day, I so wanted to hear his voice & he kept trying all night & I know he was getting so frustrated. I e-mailed him a little note this morning & kept popping onto AOL & Facebook all night to see if he was there :( NOPE!!

So another weekend without a conversation to get me through to the next...."CHIN UP MOMMA BEAR your cub will be home soon" was MR. P's assuring response to my early morning tears....Love that guy!

Until tomorrow...Be Safe & God Bless :)


  1. oh Momma Bear...I sure know that want to hear your cubs voice feeling!! I hope he can call and get through to you soon!! I am so sorry you were not able to get much done in your attic! You have a great evening!! LYLAS!!!

  2. Awwww...You're making me ache for you! I know.
    Hope he gets through at another time. (dumb phone systems...) ppphhhtttt!
    I too would like a phone call. Would be encouraging right about now... but I will come when it comes...
    In the mean time. I hope the attic project will go better next time. Takes a lot of Moto to get it off the ground, yes??? I know. :-)

  3. Too bad about the attic, stuff happens up there when you aren't looking. I bet you find something good when it is all done. If I lived closer, I would put a mask and gloves and get right up ther with you:)

    Oh we all know about that "need to talk to your Marine" feeling! I pray he will try again today and get to have a nice chat with you. Hang in there dear Lynda! It won't be long and he'll be squeezing you until your hair grows:) Love you dear friend and hope today is a great one for you!