Thursday, March 4, 2010

Something Made me Think Of You Today........

Sitting in traffic this morning I watched a plane lining up to taxi into TF Green and wondered just who was on that plane, I thought about all of the husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, friends, daughters and sons that fly in and out of that airport every day and then I thought of you....

Were you watching for your loved one to come down the escalator or were you one of the lucky military family members that is allowed to go to the gate with your loved one and then watches with tears in your eyes as they walk away to board the plane & you wonder....were you at a military base watching your loved one line up to board the bus to take him to an airport where he and or she will board a plane to go some place far away...

I just watched and then I thought of you and when for just one minute the sun came shining through the rain drops and there was a rainbow in the sky I knew you were thinking of me, of us and that you were o.k.

They enlisted we are the silent ranks, watching,waiting, and praying!

To every Military wife, husband, sister, brother, son, daughter, father and mother at home waiting serving in silence know that God hears our prayers and will continue to give each and everyone of us here at home and our loved ones abroad the courage & the strength to go on for one more day!

Courage is endurance for one moment more… Unknown Marine Second Lieutenant in Vietnam


  1. W-O-W! What a heart-warming post! It is true-God hears our prayers and gives us AND them strength to carry on another day! Love to you dear Lynda. Have a blessed day!

  2. You just know how to warm a heart!! Tears...That was so special...I needed that as I know most of us do! We get a little weak and our faith grows a little weary, and then you post this! You are such a blessing and a rock for me!! You will never know what you mean to me!! Have a wonderful day!! LYLAS!!!

  3. OH..Lynda, Can I tell you I love you like a sister... that I have found out you are? My Marine Mom sis. and yes we pray from our hearts for each others sons. Thank you for your moving post. It brought tears. Thank you. I know you have prayed for my Justin. HUG, HUG, BIG HUG... Please know Billy's name is lifted to God in my prayers. Kurt and I were praying together last night...ya know...pillow was one of those emotional prayers as we thought of Justin on that long long flight out. He is with many many warriors who all support one another. They DO take care of each other. And we find the strength to pick our hearts up after those tears because we have sat with THE ONE who is truly watching over their steps and backs ultimately....we have opened our hands and handed HIM the lives of these guys, asking Him to do HIS best plans with them. WE trust. WE hope. WE hang on to the ONE thing we know is sure. God LOVES our sons. And that makes it releasable. LYLAS, truly. Praying. Thanks for this post. I needed it this morning as I think of Justin walking into his first deployment. And did you see!!!!
    I won over at Theresa's blog. What a pick me up for this day. Take care. It is a joy to visit with you every week. HUGS.