Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ms. Bailey P Is Having Her Knee Surgery Tomorrow.......

Yes, that's poor baby :( she tore her cruciate ligament ~ that is the equivalent to our ACL back in February of 2009 and the vet had us doing all kinds of exercises and whatnot, but nothing has helped so she went back last week (we spend as much time at the vets office as we did at the pediatricians ~LOL) so he could take another look and checked her out AGAIN & decided that it was definitely time!

I feel so bad for that little pipsqueak, in case you are not familiar with our relationship, MS. B & me...well she thinks I'm her momma & I treat her like my little I'll be a worry wart all day long tomorrow...

She got a special dinner, tonight! No breakfast for her tomorrow, that's going to be tough, she's a chow hound no pun intended!! Max will be pacing around wondering where his breakfast is, poor old guy. He'll get a big ole bowl of vittles when Mr. P gets in from dropping the patient off :(

I bought her some new toys so that she'll stay busy in her crate, it's big an roomy so she won't be cramped, I'll put her bed in there for her and her blanket and I'll be staying with her right through to Tuesday just to be sure she is o.k.

So, when you're saying your prayers please say a quick one for my little pup...

Until tomorrow Be Safe & God Bless!!

Please continue to keep Justin, Justin, Blake, Ryan & Mark in your prayers ~ Ooh-Rah!!


  1. Hope your sweet pup does well with her surgery. What a lucky dog to have such a sweet mom.

  2. Oh...I will keep her in my prayer and you too!! I am so glad that she has you to take care of her!! She is very lucky...Have a great evening and keep us posted on how she does! LYLAS!!

  3. OH no. Poor Ms. Bailey. I know. It hurts to see your puppy dawg hurting... I hope the surgery will be successful. Mine always hate to go to the vet. And I feel so bad, cause they don't understand and look at me with those pleading eyes... bwahhhh.. I hate it. But I'm sure she'll be pampered afterwards...and loved by mama.
    I will be saying a little prayer for her in the morning. Let us hear how it goes...The hardest part I think is not letting them get active too soon, when they are ready to git goin' again.
    Praying for the boys out there..... :-) Give MS. B a hug from me. I do love dogs. I better pray for you too come to think of it!!!!

  4. Poor Baby! I hope she will do good with the surgery and recovery will go well. She is lucky to have such loving Parents:) Hugs and prayers headed your way!