Thursday, March 25, 2010

Howdy Folks.....

I wasn't going to blog tonight, just toooo tired! It was a long week :( but something kept calling me to my computer (no it wasn't on-line shopping freshie!!) it was all of you, my blog pals! I would have missed out on your day & all that you have to say & up I came, sat down and started to read!

See I would have missed all of you TOOOOOOOO MUCH!

Please say a prayer for Theresa & Mark, Mark was in a car accident this morning (she's Cindylou's sweet sister)!

Also, please rememebr our Military and say a prayer for all of them...especially Justin, Justin, Blake, Mark, Ryan & Billy!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless.....


  1. I know the feeling about being to tired to blog!! But I am so happy to hear from you!! You have a great evening and Marc is doing ok..just sore!! Thanks for your prayers!LYLAS!!!

  2. Love you dear Lynda! Thanks for the prayers for my sweet husband. I don't know whether to sleep on the sofa beside him because he is resting so good, get the baby monitor so I can hear him if he needs me or wake him up... he is snoozing. Glad you decided to let us hear from you:)

    Hugs from Georgia!

  3. I know that feeling. Sometimes I think I will just not sit down in front of the computer, but my legs always end up moving towards it and I click on Julie's blogs, and away I go reading and catching up! Get some rest! :-)