Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My dad loved Easter, he loved every holiday, but Easter was one of his favorites. He was Polish and really enjoyed all of the Polish food we had for the holiday...mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm GOOD!

Easter was also his last holiday with us and he was too sick to eat and enjoy dinner, so Easter makes me a little sad and makes me miss my Dad very much....I do not like to go to the cemetery, although the cemetery where he is resting is absolutely beautiful, I just get so overcome with sadness and it stays with me for a few days. But this year something is calling me there and I feel like I need to go, so that is what I will do later in the afternoon & by myself. I don't like to go there with anyone, that's my time there with my dad and sometimes I just stand and look out over all of the headstones and wonder and sometimes I sit and cry and try to remember what he sounded like :(

I wish that he was here to see his Nikky get married this September, I think he would be fighting Mr. P for the chance to walk her down the aisle and I wished he would have been here to see Billy graduate from Boot. He would have been so proud!

Dad, where ever you are know that I think of you every day and I look at your picture on my mantle every morning & every night before I go to bed...I love you!


  1. ((((hugs)))) It's hard, really hard... It's been 13 years since my mom passed away, but I still find myself wanting to share certain things with her.

  2. Bless your heart...for sharing. It makes me ache for you. I thought this past Christmas would probably be my mom's last with us, and I am thinking, especially with the cancer in her brain now...that this might be her last Easter with us. You never know, do you...?
    She is such a trooper. I think they may let her out of the hospital Friday. Thanks for sharing such a heartfelt and personal post.
    Sorry you are missing your daddy. :-(
    I am hugging you! It's okay to still cry and miss.

  3. Oh I miss my Daddy too! It is hard to carry on without them, the holidays are the worst! I know he would be so proud of Billy and Nikky and YOU! Hugs to you my dear friend and know that my heart hurts too:) Love you all!

  4. Girl...we are so much alike!! I get so sad when I go to my parent grave!! I miss them so much and often think what they would think about my 3 children and how proud they would be!! I would like to have my mama to talk to and tell her things that I can not tell anyone and have my daddy here to show how to get things done!! I just miss them!!!You take care and have a visit!! LYLAS!!

  5. Enjoy your visit with your dad, despite the tears. I'll just bet you'll feel better afterwards. It may be just what the doctor ordered.