Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Has Sprung.......

Spring has sprung and my heart is so happy......

The sun was out and my windows were wide open today while I did my housework, what a nice feeling!

Tomorrow night Mr. P and I have decided that we are going to celebrate our good news and go off of our diet just a bit...I stopped by the butcher shop on my way home from the market this afternoon and picked up two nice little steaks for the grill, they are marinating right this very minute!

I found some reduced fat Blue Cheese and a new dressing by "Marie's" ~ it's made with yogurt and looks very delicious! So steaks on the grill, a nice big salad with Blue Cheese crumbles, roasted cauliflower & a bottle of wine to toast our good fortune!

I'd put up a countdown but with all of the excitement around here yesterday morning I forgot to ask Billy when he'd be heading home :)

Oh well, Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!!

Please continue to pray for Justin, Justin, Mark, & Blake.....


  1. Yes Spring has Sprung and I LOVE it!!! I enjoyed the beautiful weather and that glorious sunshine all day today and I am looking forward to it again tomorrow!! Dinner sounds wonderful and I know that you two will enjoy it!! You enjoy your weekend!! LYLAS!!

  2. Oh sounds almost frivolous! goody. Celebrating big things with just small at home thrills is my kind of comfort. steak on the grill, new salad dressing, glass of wine...talking about the kids...The small moments in life become what makes life intimate...special...cherished.
    yeah...And well...gotta ask...How is Ms. B???
    Is she sleeping yet? Hope she is much more comfortable...less pain???? Have a good weekend, gotta be better than the last one!

  3. I can't believe you forgot to ask the date he's coming home. ;) Just kidding. :)

    We love grilling at home. It's much more relaxing than eating out. Have a wonderful dinner!!

  4. Oh how fun! Enjoy a little bit of happiness my friend. You sure deserve it for all you have been thru lately! What time is dinner and I'll be right there:) Have a blessed day and a wonderful restful (I hope) weekend! Love to all of you!

  5. I just had time to read your two posts and I am crying with you!!!! I am soooo happy for all of you! Thanks to God! I hope the next couple months go fast! Enjoy your steak and wine! I'm with Theresa... I'll bring my own steak if Mr. P cooks it! lol! Love you! xoxo