Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I do not want to be the doggie nurse, I do not want to be the wife, I do not want to be the housekeeper.....

I am so tired, I knew that it would be a lot of work nursing Bailey back & we work opposite shifts me 1st, Mr. P 3rd so I always feel like it's Me & Me against the world!

I took yesterday off of that Ms. B would have one more day of close supervision, we went out for 40 minutes and in that 40 minutes she figured out how to use her dewclaws to grab onto and push up on the cone around her head :( when we got in I went out to check her and the cone was off, she was covered in blood and her stitches had been pulled out, she had op end her leg up....RINGGGGG RINGGGGG RINGGGGGG....hello, Mr. Vet we have a problem HELP!!!! Back she went, free of charge thank you Mr. Vet, leg re-stitched. Mr. P called him again today and talked to him about her anxiety since having this done, they gave her doggie Valium PLEASE, fingers crossed that it works and she relaxes because if not you're going to be reading about the lady that had to poke her own eyes out at work to stay awake ~ LOL!!

Well gals time to pass out the meds ~ LOL!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!!!


  1. OH....Lynda...I am so sorry. I cannot imagine all the trauma of that for you. I get heart attack palpatations when we get blood and injuries...
    I will pray the valium works. (**how about an ACE sedative??) heh heh...NOT FOR YOU, silly...for the dog! WE had to use those on my sister's dog a few times when he was staying with us while they temporarily lived in an apt til their house was finished. He suffered separation anxiety...ohhhhhhhhh...never again. Knocked that poor dog out cold for 6-7 hours.
    I am so sorry for all you are going through. really.... a bump in the road...Just got to get over that crest....almost....there..... Maybe you should take that calgon bath and then take a valium!,hope you sleep... Hugs...

  2. Oh my!!! I sure hope that you get some rest tonight!! Our dog wally just about needs the Valium when it rains!!! I know that it has to be hard and poor Ms. B tearing her stitches out!! I sure hope that everthing heals and you can get life back to normal soon!! I sure hope that you get some sleep tonight!! LYLAS!!

  3. Oh no!!! Praying that things go much better for you tonight.

  4. Oh you poor child! I hope you had a better night and Ms. B heals quickly from the latest problem. Perhaps you will get you some much needed rest and all will be back to normal in your sweet life! Hugs and prayers for all!