Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BAD HAIR DAY..................................


I wouldn't mind stopping by the Parris Island Barber Shop for a quick touch-up or shave-down ~ which ever it really doesn't matter at this point because I'll probably take the razor to it myself ~ GRRRRR!

I feel like one BIG FAT HOT MESS no this just isn't going to work...only problem is that I bet Mr. P I could let it grow out a bit this time, $100.00...so how do I get myself out of this one...I know, I know!!!!

Honey, Gabe (that me hairdresser, short for Gabriella) was just trimming things up a bit when I sneezed and she slipped....so it's really not my fault. See, honey she had to cut the rest so it would all blend in....HMMMMMMMM ~ hey, it could work! Did I ever tell you that I was Lucille Ball in another life???

Well, I'm off!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!!!

Please keep up the prayers....Justin, Justin, Blake, Ryan, & Mark ~ prayers going up!!


  1. oh I so know that feeling!! I love my short hair!! I would never make a be a bet that I would make!! You can do this...oh crap just go get it cut and give hime the $100 and smile about it!! You don't have to do anything you don't want to do!! :) Have a great evening!! LYLAS!!

  2. Well, you could use the camping or fishing thing again to get out of the bet:) Get 'cha a curling iron! You'll be just fine! Hugs from Georgia. Praying for all of our fellas!

  3. So know the feeling...Love your blog.....I am doing some fun blog hopping tonight.
    Great post....Hope you will stop by for a visit. I have a giveway that I am drawing for this Friday...


  4. You know Mr. P is having too much fun with this bet. ;)

  5. UH OH!!!
    That man has fun with you!! Breaking your chops all the time I bet...
    Well...100 smackeroos..whew.. That's a lot of thrifting money. hmmmm. What's a girl to do???
    Oh the drama...What will she do? Tune in next week to see if the pressure was TOO much!!!!
    Letting my hair grow back out when I have gone short was always hard too. Does your guy like longer hair??? Mine does. I am due for a haircut too...OVER due... In suspence to see who wins THIS one. What Theresa said was a good one. Maybe you could get your hair cut and trade off the 100 dollars for a weekend camp trip???? NOW THAT he would go for! ya think??? And a weekend is only 2 nights! (shriek).. Hugs. ps YOU DON'T REALLY MEAN IT!!! Stay far far away from PI!!!!!!