Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Night In The The Infirmary Part 1...........

Well, every picture tells a story and this one is saying "ouch"....she has a pain patch on her back until Sunday and some oral pain meds to start on tomorrow....I wish I could make it all better for her, she's a handful but I'd rather have her running all about getting into mischief than looking so sad with her poor hurt little leg!

Poor little darlin' surgery went well, took longer than expected because both of her tendons were shot, one was ruptured and it took a while to stitch and tack them back and then place the screws and pins & then what we didn't want to hear she has pretty advanced arthritis in that knee...she's only 3 ~ my poor sweetie :( but her vet said that with proper rehad and some doggie arthritis medication her little leg should be as good as new. She'll know when she's had enough and when to take it slow & hey Mr. P is no spring chick so a slow trot out to the field to flush out birds will be o.k. with him!

Max was a Nervous Nelly all day pacing and looking for her, poor old man. He was so happy to see her when she came in, he stood by her crate while Mr. P helped her get in and then poked his head in to check things out....he kept going over and looking in on her. I moved his bed so he could be next to her. Max you silly old man, just wait until she's feeling better...she'll be pouncing on you like there's no tomorrow!

Thanks for all of your prayers, I be sure to keep everyone up on her progress!

Have a great night, Be Safe & God Bless!

Please continue to pray for Justin, Justin, Blake, Ryan & Mark ~ Semper Fi


  1. Poor baby!!! And Poor Max...He just don't understand!!! Well you have our hands full and I sure hope she heals up quickly!! Bless her heart...So pitiful!!! :( Have a good evening!! LYLAS!!

  2. Bless her little heart! I don't like it when they are feeling bad. I hope she will rest easy and heal quickly! You and Mr. P will take great care of her:) Have a blessed evening and big hugs!

  3. Oh I am so glad you posted. I needed to know how it went for her.. That pic just makes me want to crawl in and hug her. Just rubbing her crown very softly and behind her ears. My doggies like that when they don't feel good. It even makes them sigh. When my Sam started limping and walking like in pain, we got her the Hip and Joint glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM pills by NutriVet - Boy did they make a difference. WE were AMAZED. Hopefully Ms. B will only have to take small doses of rimadyl or the likes for pain and maybe some supplements will do the rest of the work. Only 3??? Oh my gosh. poor baby. She has a lot of life left.
    I know you love her and are so watching her right now. I will keep praying. Thanks for reporting. I got out of bed just to check in and see if you had. HUGS! Julie ( too on those dress blues)

  4. Poor thing. That picture just breaks my heart. Hope she has a quick recovery. Praying (for everyone)!

  5. Wow.... I can't wait until you update with a happier picture. She looks so pathetic you just want to love on her. Praying for her.... and the Marines! xoxo