Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trying To Make A Difference.......

As the Holiday Season gets closer I start thinking about ways I can try to make a difference, hmmmmmm.

Last year I donated canned goods and a "Shaws" (that's one of the local grocery stores up here) gift certificate for a turkey to my church & we donated canned goods to the RI Food bank at work and I think I'll be doing those two things again this year, I hate to think about little children and families going without any time of the year.

I know that I will be going to the local Recruiting Station to donate to the USMC Toys For Tots Drive & I'll be wearing my "My Son Is A United States Marine" sweatshirt!!!!

I also want to sponsor a care package through, the packages will be sent to Marines in Iraq & Afghanistan all throughout the Holiday Season :) I've already picked up a few boxes of Christmas cards, those will be filled out addressed and mailed in bulk to the HQ, those will be going out to Marines all over the that's how I am going to try to make a difference this year.

And I thought I'd leave Santa this little note on Christmas Eve...............

Think it will work?????

Until tomorrow, BE SAFE & GOD BLESS!


  1. oh you make a difference in my life everyday!! You are one special lady to me!! Have a great evening!!! LYLAS!!

  2. Me too, me too:) We will try that one with Santa and the cookies, hopefully we will both get Marines for Christmas! Have a blessed day and thanks for the prayers for my Sister!