Saturday, September 12, 2009

Foxwoods Casino.......

Well we finally made it to Foxwoods this afternoon! I have wanted to go for a few weeks now so I was so happy that Mr. P was finished up early enough this morning so that we would have time to do something together.

We got there at about 1:00pm and got our tickets for .....

It was fantastic, it's an exhibit that you walk through and look at the human body, really my description won't do it justice so please Google it and if it ever gets out your way go and see it... The only problem I had was that you couldn't touch ANYTHING and I was so curious and wanted to touch everything (so did she touch anything you ask, YES I couldn't resist)...I touched the muscle on the top of the human thigh & I got caught :( ~ the technician that caught me didn't' get mad, he actually had a heart and a stomach that were preserved and you could touch those so touch them I did. He is a Navy Corpsman Reserves and he saw our Dog Tags that we wear, Billy has them made for us when he was at MOS school he gave us each a set on Christmas and we never take them off. So we started chatting about Military Life...

I told him about Justin, Jonathan, Corbin, Brian, Abdiel, Luke, Evan & Mark ~ he was so impressed by our young men that he couldn't hold back the tears, we each hugged him before we moved on and had people in line crying listening to us talk...He wanted me to tell each and everyone of you THANK YOU for your service & THANK YOU to the moms & dads for their unselfishness to our country!!!

After the exhibit we walked the entire Casino and people watched and then it was on to the SLOT MACHINES!!!!!!! OH BOY I love to play the slots, we broke even and made enough to pay for a really nice dinner @ Now that was some good pizza....and now we are going to snuggle up and watch a movie,shhhhh, I'll probably fall asleep ;)

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!

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  1. Oh... that sounds neat!!!I will have to check that out!!! I have never played slot machines...might have to give that a try!! I am glad you had a great night!! LYLAS!!!!