Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crazy Days.........

Today was one of those crazy days when nothing goes right but you can't stop laughing & when Barb & I start laughing watch out!!!! We just can't stop :)

We laughed so much at nothing really that our faces hurt & our sides ached. Barbara's sister Karen works downstairs and we had her laughing too.

I love to sing and dance so I did a little clog dance when I thought I was all alone at the copy machine making my copies but I got caught and the day went down hill from there.

We kept dialing an outside line and then Karen's extension and would pretend to be crazy patients, shouting about their bills, their pace makers that had shocked them so badly that their hair was standing on end and sparks were flying out of them, ultrasounds instructions gone wrong. I pretended to be the booking office and told her that one of our patients scheduled for a 3:30pm cath had been misplaced somewhere between admitting and the cath lab but that the techs were working hard at trying to locate him..... I do great impersonations so I was a man, a woman, a Spanish woman, A Russian just went on & on!!!! She fell for it every time and well because we were just silly we were calling her up barking and meowing at her, I have to say that today I should have paid the doctors for letting me be there...NO we did get our work done and then some we DON'T STOP ALL DAY but sometimes you just have to laugh!!!!

Have you laughed today????

You should it does wonders for your soul!!!!

Have a great night, be safe & God Bless & Remember To Laugh Every Now & Then :)


  1. Even through all of this week...we have still been laughing!! It is the best medicine of all!! Thanks for the joke...I love it!! Hve a great evening!! LYLAS!!

  2. I laugh a lot too! It just makes everything better when you keep a happy attitude:) Have a blessed day!