Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Closet Cleaning Time.....

I just read Kelly's blog & I have to say that she has guilted me into cleaning my closet out...she's a brave one if I posted a picture of my closet you'd all think I was CRAZY...well I am I guess, LOL... so clean the closet is what I am going to do, maybe next weekend! The shelves in my closet once collapsed we heard a loud thud & Mr. P just looked at me after a few minutes he said "do you know what that was, well do you" ~ I played "dumb" "no, what was it" .... it was the shelving, when we went up to look not only had the shelving come down but the poles to hang the hangers on came crashing down too...the entire contents of my closet had spilled out into our room and out into the hallway! I wanted to cry, I spent the rest of the weekend re-organizing everything.

I guess that I could clean the closet, send the things I don't want, won't wear, don't need off to Goodwill??? And THEN GO OUT AND BUY SOME MORE Great book, never saw the movie but this book is so funny...if you want a good laugh pick it up, it's EVERY GIRL I KNOW TO A TEE!!

So as soon as I work up the energy, I'll clean out my closet, donate all of my clothes and go out and get some more! But PLEASE don't tell Mr. P ~ he'll kill me, LOL...


  1. I love to shop and I also need to clean out my closet!! I always need a little retail therapy!! Have a great day!! LYLAS!!

  2. Yep, she guilted me into doing it too! I am cleaning mine out in next few days and I am donating a bunch to Goodwill! I keep way to much stuff and love, love, love to shop. Problem is that I NEVER get rid of anything. So... my closet runneth over and I will not post a picture of it:) Have a blessed day!