Monday, September 28, 2009


It was one year ago today that all of the moms, dad, friends, & families waited by their telephones for "THE CALL" from the new India Company Marines, for it was Liberty Sunday and we were all waiting and jumping every time the phone rang, LOL...I got so many calls asking "did he call yet".

When the time finally came and the phone rang and it was BILLY I was speechless...I had waited 13 LONGGGGGGGGGG weeks to hear his voice, the last time I heard his voice it was that terrible call the night they all arrived on the Yellow Footprints...."This is Recruit Platt. I have arrived safely at Parris Island. Please do not send any food or bulky items to me in the mail. I will contact you in 3 to 5 days by postcard with my new address. Thank you for your support. Goodbye for now." my heart broke & I shouted "I love you" as loud and as fast as I could before he hung up! Well, when he finally called I answered and I couldn't talk, I just cried. Poor baby boy, he just kept laughing and shouting "Mom, Mom, it's o.k., it's me I love you, mom I did it I'M A UNITED STATES MARINE""

And then the mad dash began, we were off to Parris Island on Monday night, Mr. P tried to drive straight through, about 3 hours into our 18.5 hour drive we started referring to our cozy van as "The Prisoner Transport Vehicle" and Mr. P was affectionately referred to as "The Warden", not too far off of the mark, he's a Corrections Officer, "Sgt. Platt"... this is how bad he was, we were herded out of and back into that crazy van like we were prisoners, LOL... we tormented that poor man :)he actually came into the ladies room at one stop half way through Pennsylvania to tell me to hurry up & quit wasting time, imagine that!

A few pictures from Family Day ~ this was the day that I met Cindy in person, she and Jeff just kept watching the white van loaded with crazy people with writing all over the windows drive up & down & up & down the road...remember that Cindy?!!! Jeff said "well Cindy they have to be here for something, people just don't drive around a military base before sunrise with writing all over their windows for nothing...lets follow them & see where they go"

MOTO RUN ~ Billy is right next to the Guide, he was the 3rd Squad Leader!

I couldn't stop first time hugging him since July 7th 2008!

Graduation Day, he wanted his picture in front of that sign!

Well I'm crying again...I need the Bounty, LOL! The next time I see him I hope there is somebody there to administer CPR because I'll probably be so excited I'll hyperventilate!!!

Until tomorrow, God Bless & Be Safe!


  1. Well I have tears and chills!!! I need the bounty too!! I will never forget that phone call!!! But now days compared to PI...I would take PI anyday!!I do remember the van sooo well!! LOL!! I hope you have a great evening! LYLAS!!

  2. I was there too and what an exciting morning and day! I was so very proud of Justin and all of the Marines. Hearing them coming for the morning run... wow! Thanks for sharing you story and have a blessed day!