Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Blues.....

Well, I know I might grumble about Mr. P always getting under foot but his vacation is over he goes back to work tonight & I'm kind of sad...the house is always so quiet on a Sunday afternoon and that makes me feel very blue.

Once Monday rolls around I'm better and back in the swing of things, I 'm glad we had a busy weekend & that the weather was nice all week long for vacation, he got to spend a lot of time at the range with his old buddy Gene. Gene's teaching Mr. P Morse Code, I thought that was cute!

So our next bit of time together will be Columbus Day weekend, Newport holds a big "Oktoberfest" it starts on the Saturday & goes right through to the Monday, so we'll be sure to be there. I just love that festival, I was born in Germany & lived there until I was two, I'd really love to go back there one day...

Eins, zwei, g’suffa!

Ooooohhhhh I can't wait!!!

The Food is SOOOOO YUMMY & all of the different German Beers, and of course all of the hand made trinkets imported from Germany...see what I bought last year, a glass pickle for my Christmas Tree ~

The German Christmas Pickle Ornaments Story.
The German glass pickle ornaments are considered a special
Christmas in Germany decoration by many families where the Christmas
tree was decorated on Christmas eve.

The glass Christmas pickle ornament is always the last glass
ornament to be hung on the Christmas tree. The parents hide the glass
pickle ornament in the Christmas tree among the other German
glass ornaments. When the children were allowed to view the
Christmas tree they would begin gleefully searching for the
German glass pickle ornament. The children knew that whoever found
the glass pickle ornament first would receive an extra little gift and
would be the one to begin the unwrapping of the Christmas gifts.

Well, until tomorrow God Bless & Be Safe!

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  1. Well that just sounds like the neatest thing...wish I lived closer so I could go with you!! And that is a neat idea about the tree ornament!! You have a great Monday!! LYLAS!!!