Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bailey Has A Bad Knee......

I didn't even know dogs had knees.....? oh well just goes to show how much I know :)
She had a good day the other day and the vet said that she could get back into her field work to get ready for bird season, "training" only lasted one afternoon and she started limping again, this time even worse than before. So off she went to the vet again and this time he referred her out to a doggie orthopedic surgeon, WHO KNEW????

He saw her this afternoon & I felt kind of bad for her because she couldn't eat or drink before her appointment (and that girl loves to eat) just in case she needed new x-rays & well new x-rays she needed :( They showed a tear in her anterior cruciate ligament. The surgeon wants to take a conservative approach and have us do some physical therapy with her and she has some medicine to take.

He said that sometimes with time and some low - moderate exercise the tear will repair itself but more often than not they will usually require surgery. I felt so bad for Bailey & Mr. P he just loves that little dog & I do too she has become our "baby" and now she'll have to take the first part of hunting season off, and trust me when she sees Mr. P getting his things together and she can't go she'll be madder than a hornet. We're hoping that she'll be able to get out for duck & goose in the early - mid winter since it's mostly water retrieval, the vet said to give it a try & see how she does....

This is Bailey one her first day in her new home April 2007....what a face!


  1. Oh poor Bailey!!! I sure hope she gets better!! Have a great evening!!! LYLAS!!

  2. What a sweet puppy:) Hope she heals quickly. Have a blessed day!