Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It's COLD up here in old New England tonight.......I broke out the sweaters and tossed one in my dry-cleaning bag to freshen it up (they've been packed up in my airtight storage bags since April (yup that's when I finally put away the winter clothes this year it was so cold and damp...) I'm wearing one tomorrow, it's supposed to be rainy, windy, & CHILLY!!!!! AND I CAN NOT TOLERATE THE COLD, once I get cold I stay cold.

My hands turn blue, not a pretty sight, LOL!

I have to rethink our Saturday plans, I feel like the event planner ~ HAHAHA! Their saying rain & wind for these parts and we were supposed to be going ot an outdoor event, oh well...that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes :)

Maybe a movie, or the Boston Aquarium, or the MALL!! Nahhhh Mr. P would never go for a trip to the MALL, that's considered punishment for the both of us. He hates to shop as much as I LOVE IT & since that's my form of relaxation I could never take him along...

O.k., I'm off to check out the local goings on for our area, see what I can figure out!

Until tomorrow have a great night Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. Yes it does sound like indoor activity is a must for this weekend!! I would never drag Jeff along on a real shopping trip we would kill each other!! LOL!! Have a great evening and let me know what you find to do indoors this weekend!! LYLAS!!

  2. It was chilly down south too. I had to ditch the flip-flops for some sock and tennis shoes, jeans and even a light jacket. I don't like to be cold either and while typing this, I am sitting with a heating pad on my back. Gets me good and warm. Well, if you run out of something to do inside this weekend.. buzz on down for some flood damage repair. What? it is inside:) Have a blessed day!

  3. I bet the leaves are starting to change, too, right? I like the fall. It's just a little too short.