Friday, September 18, 2009

5 Words.....

This was harder than I thought, but so much fun! Ready here goes...

1. Space – is what’s keeping me separate and apart from my Marine, it’s also what I have been trying to figure out since my father passed away…where is he & can he see me, is he watching over me & keeping us safe?…Space is also something I value and when someone gets in my space WATCH OUT!!!

2. Romantic – is something I am not I am practical and straightforward. Sometimes I try but I have always been a very guarded person, yes even with my husband of soooo many years.

3. Miscellaneous –sometimes my thoughts are miscellaneous and I feel that I lack order and get “jumbled up” ~ my mind goes at a million miles an hour and it is hard to turn it off so I lay awake at night or yes sometimes read random things, dictionary, encyclopedia ~ Google all kinds of things and just read so that I can fill my mind up with more miscellaneous “stuff”.

4. Heart – the shape of my daughters face, very simply put she was born on February 13th 1984 @ 11:56pm (no, I couldn't wait four more minutes, LOL), she is my special Valentine.

5. Comfort – my home, it’s where I am most comfortable and relaxed. The fireplace on a cold night & a good glass of wine. Knowing that my husband & children are alright is very comforting. And of course my big pink housecoat & my LL Bean “wicked good” slippers!

One more thing you didn't know about me, I am painfully shy, yup that's right!!! I always have been, when I meet new people my heart ponds so hard and fast I swear it is going to pound right out of my chest.

This was fun, Thanks Cindy oh BTW tried the pudding & apple dessert tip from Kelly ~ OUT OF THIS WORLD YUMMY!!!!!


  1. Oh Lynda, I love your five words!!! You are soo good at this blogging!!! I have not tried to the snack yet but I will be grocery shopping this weekend and will be getting the stuff to try it!! Have a great evening! LYLAS!!

  2. I enjoyed your five words and learned more about you! Great post, have a blessed day!
    And yes your Dad can see you, as can mine:) and they are both keeping us safe!