Wednesday, April 14, 2010


1. Your last goodnight sleep was six months before he enlisted.

2. You have finally resigned to the fact that Marine Mail is delivered seasonally rather than daily.

3. Your Marine gives you tips on ironing.

4. Your Marine’s version of pneumonia is "It's just a cold, I'm fine".

5. You finally realize the Marine Corps cure all is Motrin.

6. The international operator knows you on a first name basis, LOL it's true!!!

7. Your Marine starts finding MRE's tasty and you’re jealous.

8. Your interior design color palate is red, white and blue, and you never even noticed.

9. You have at least 100 emails per day from other Marine Moms just like you!

10. The mere word Deployment has you on the phone refilling your Xanax.

11. You can't quite figure out what non-Marine mothers worry about.

12. You finally realize that Drill Instructors are not the anti- Christ and more like heroes.

13. You've mailed at least a few packages that have been on around- the-world tours.

14. You forgot that there were TV stations other than FOX NEWS & The Military Channel!

15. You find yourself bragging to your friends about your marines accuracy with an
M-16, I know I do!!!

16. You will get into a high speed chase just to catch up with someone’s Marine Corps bumper sticker ~ SO TRUE & beep and wave.

17. You've memorized military time and in-country time....

18. You finally, finally realize that today really means tomorrow, tomorrow could be today, and next week, could be yesterday.

19. You've learned to hold your breath for a really, really long time.

20. When everything in your house is shrine to your Marine.


  1. Oh How true that is!!!! Every last one of them is ME!! Have a great evening!! LYLAS!!

  2. Absolutely loved that list. It was awesome.

  3. Me too! I loved number 15:) I also chase cars to read their stickers. I have an app on my iphone which shows what time it is in Afghanistan. And oh yes, the one about it being today or tomorrow and next week and then there is mailing something three weeks ahead of time so it will get there on time. Someday... we are all gonna sit around and chat about "remember when those Marines were deployed"! Big 'ole hugs coming your way my friend! Sweet dreams!

  4. Love it!

    Just popping in to say hi! Still trying to get caught up...