Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ms. B Has An Infection In Her Knee.......

My Ms. B has an infection in her knee...poor pooch! The vet said, yes the vet AGAIN...thankfully he isn't charging us fo rthe visits just all of the medication she is taking...but, he said that she was actually doing really well, better than most that he has done this type of surgery on! That made Mr. P feel good, he has been so worried about her (yes, we're crazy dog people, she's our little baby)...

She'll be happy to know that she can continue with her swimming, only thing she has to swim in salt water until the infection clears up & BROTHER DOES SHE LOVE THE BEACH!!!!

Mr. P will be taking her tomorrow morning & if it isn't raining I'll be going too with the camera!

Hoping to hear from Billy, we haven't spoken to him ~ Vonage can't get through the firewall security so calls aren't getting through :(

My poor sweet Nikky got some bad news today, one of her sorority sisters has leukemia and was in remission, they were told this morning that she wasn't doing well at all and it would be long now, her mom wanted the girls to be able to see her. Nikky said she was sedated but they went in and sat around her bed and talked to her all afternoon ~ poor sweetheart, she's an only child...pray that she doesn't suffer anymore and that her mom can find peace. She doesn't want her to suffer any longer.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless


  1. Oh Dear Lynda, I am sorry for Ms. B, but how lucky to have such great Parents:) I am sorry to hear about Nikky's friend, I'll be praying for her and all of you and her family! I pray she doesn't have to suffer too, bless that sweet Mama's heart:( Hugs dear friend and lots of prayers!

  2. What a sad story about Nikky's friend. So much sadness all around. I'll keep the whole family in my prayers. Have a nice time at the beach with your hubby and your dog.

  3. So Sorry about Ms. B...She is just having a hard time of it!! And that poor mama loosing her baby girl...My heart just breaks!! I do pray that she doesn't have to suffer and I pray for that mama...I just can't imagine!! Have a great evening!!! LYLAS!!

  4. Oh dear, I am so glad to be back, and catching up, but sorry to hear some of the news as I get back into posts. I hope and will pray for your daughter's friend. It has to be so tough on her. Young people just aren't used to losing their friends...
    I do hope Ms. B will heal up quick in that salt water. So sorry to hear about the little setback. :-( Hurts me so much when one of my doggy is hurting too.
    Heard from Justin but only way too briefly. me too - bad connections. very very disappointing..bwah.... but got a letter.
    I loved your previous post about Marine moms. HIlarious and very true!! ha ha specially the part about speeding up and trying to beep at Marine bumper sticker cars!!!! LOL!!
    One lady looked so STARTLED, I felt like a KOOK!
    So glad to be back. Missed visiting.
    Have a great Friday. HOpe you are feeling better. HUGS!

  5. Ohh I am so sorry for Ms. B. Hope she gets better soon. That is so sad about Nikky's friend. I can not imagine the pain that family is going through. Keep us posted. Have great day.