Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bardzo Bardzo Dobry

Easter Dinner preparations.......Bardzo Bardzo Dobry, Very Very Good!!!!

I have been cooking all day & my house smells so GOOD! Mr. P helped me out quite a bit, a tip of the hat to you Mr. P!!

Nikky & Mike are bringing their appetites!!

Billy called early this morning to tell me that he found Hillshire Farms Polska Kielbasa at the Commissary..."hey, it isn't our Easter Kielbasa but it will do, I'll just pretend I'm eating your dinner Ma" ~ so sweet...they bought eggs, sticky buns, kielbasa & ham and they are making a big Easter Breakfast!

He is going to try calling later on,he has lots of pictures for us, so if he is able to get through and we can hook-up, I'll be posting some new pics for everyone!

Going to rest my bones! Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. Oh I hope that you have a wonderful Easter!! I am so glad Billy is getting to have a little taste of home!! Enjoy my Dear Friend!!! LYLAS!!

  2. Just wanted to say Happy Easter....have loved reading all the Easter posts today.
    Hope you will stop by ...remember I am drawing for $100 GOODIE BASKET tomorrow night...All it takes to enter is a comment..

  3. I can almost smell it from here! Yummy! I am happy that Billy called and that he is carrying on you family tradition where he is:) We are all joined at the heart, our Marines and us! Have a blessed day and enjoy your Easter dinner!

  4. Happy Easter, dear friend! I'm glad Billy called and he is doing his best to follow in family tradition! God bless you all! xoxo