Friday, April 2, 2010

Remicade :/ Sunshine :) Grocery Shopping......

Off to the infusion center bright and early this morning so that I could get me monthly re-charging.......not feeling so hot, but we headed home to let the dogs out and then off to the market. I just couldn't stand the thought of going there tomorrow morning! So off we went, not too bad & the produce was nice & fresh :)

I have been on an orange & grape kick so I had to re-stock, plenty of salad fixings & I picked up the biggest spaghetti squash...have you ever had spaghetti squash?????? It's delicious!!!! WE LOVE IT!

But what I was really interested in was big beautiful heads of green leafy cabbage, yup I need that to make my Gołąbki (stuffed cabbage).....and of course a ham. It was hard finding a small ham but I dug through the case until I was satisfied that I had the smallest one I could's only Mr. P, Nik, Mike & me this year & I do not want a ton of leftovers.....I'll be bringing a plate to my friend Mary ~ she loves Polish food!!!

SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I have to pick up my kielbasa & pierogis, cabbage & potato & cheese :)

I don't make the soups, not really a fan....

and, we had to stop at the Portuguese Bakery for some Sweet Bread, Mr. P is Portuguese & it isn't Easter for him if he doesn't get toasted sweet bread, so good & fluffy & sweet & lemony!!

I hope the Bunny leaves me some Jelly Beans ~ ooohhhhh how I love Jelly Beans!

Now, I'm off to make a cup of tea & wait for the UPS man (I ordered two new 3/4 length sleeve cardigans and some pedal pushers ~ I hope that truck gets here before Mr. P gets back!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & GOD BLESS!!!!


  1. Oh...that stuffed cabbage looks great! I am doing chicken for Easter and I would love to have a polish dinner one time...never had it before!! I hope the UPS truck got there before the hubby got back!! You have a great evening!! LYLAS!!

  2. Yummy, not our traditional Easter food but it sounds delicious! I hope you have a good evening after your treatment, sleep in tomorrow morning and enjoy your weekend dear Lynda! Sweet dreams and big 'ole Georgia hugs. Hope you got your sweaters:) before Mr. P got back! :)