Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Monday...........

This is how I feel about Monday Mornings.....

Me on a Monday Monring before the first cup of starter fluid.....

This is how I look at my desk on a Monday Morning......

After a day at the office and 45 minutes in Monday Drive time traffic.....

Until tomorrow.....Be Safe & God Bless


  1. We are not a Monday kind of
    hah! Those pics are too much! Loved your post. and man oh man, sometimes Monday MORNINGS are the pits...specially after an awesome weekend that ended way to fast...I remember some of those Sunday drives out to LeJeune to return Justin after a weekend, and gettin back in at 1 am after a 10 hour drive....errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Monday morning was a Killer! So I love the pics... Hope your Tuesday is SWEET! hugs!

  2. So you don't like Mondays? Very funny pictures.

  3. Don't you go slapping me:) I guess since I retired, Mondays don't bother me a bit! I love all of your cartoons, too cute. My favorite is the green dude, looks kinda like me in the mornings! Hugs to you and sorry I confused with the comment moderation! Have a restful night!

  4. I totally agree with you...I HATE MONDAYS!!! Enjoy your day!!! LYLAS!

  5. Tell us how you really feel about Mondays. lol!
    I am so sorry for Nikky's loss. Losing a dear friend is hard. I will be praying for her and for the girls family.
    Thank you for your words at the loss of Mary. It is difficult... but like Nikky... I will try to focus on the good times.
    Glad you found a dress! Big hurtle! Guys got it made, don't they? Take care!! xoxo