Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ooops, I Fell Asleep & Forgot To Post.......

Mr. P has been busy building a deck for a fella that he works with, so I had the entire day to myself & well, you know me!!! What kind of trouble could I get myself into today????? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, let's see!

Up early, straightened up a bit, showered, dressed & out the door!!! Look out mall HERE I COME! Picked up a few new tops & a pair of black pants for work, I was looking for some new sandals but couldn't find anything I liked. I'll just keep looking!

Then it was off to the nail salon, I just love to sit back and have my toes done & girls these winter "dawgs" needed it!!!

While i was there I figured what the heck, got me a manicure too!! Now I'm all prettied up!

Home to the pups, I had to take Ms. B out for her walk, we have to walk her 3 - 4 times a day for about 20 minutes, so around the back yard we went :) she's really not using her that much & because she can go much faster on three!!! Silly Girl! So walk we did, she is just too cute. Max watched from the deck...

Mr. p came home & we ran a few errands and then sat outside on the deck and chatted for a while while he had his cigar :) ~ that's his Saturday afternoon therapy (not as expensive as mine ~HEHE) dinner, cleaned up relaxed inside by the fire ~ FELL ASLEEP!!!!

Before I knew it it was 1:15 in the morning & I was way toooooo tired to blog!

Billy tried calling us but his phone/Internet connection is still acting up so I haven't really spoken to him for several weeks...just a quick hello last week :( we don't' know any details about when he is coming home...we'll probably get a call "Hey, ahhhhh Ma, are you going to come pick me up???"

Well, I'm off ~ Mr. P wants breakfast & I need to get my day going! I might be back later on!

If not...Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. Hi there my friend! Sounds like a fun day! I need one of those days at that Mall. I have several things to return and I know I need to buy something:) Enjoy your Sunday and hopefull you will get some information from Billy soon on his ETA! Hugs from Georgia and love to all of you up there!

  2. Well Hello my Dear Friend! I figured you got to much therapy to blog last night!! haha!! I am so glad you had a great day and I love going shopping and getting my nails and toes done!! It is so relaxing!!

    I sure wish Billy could get through to you, I know that is aggrevating! But maybe soon he will and call with lots of details!

    Enjoy your day!! LYLAS!!