Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well Hello.......

Hello gals! Just stopping by to say HI! I worked late tonight and then it was home to my four legged kiddos!

Ms. B has started hydrotherapy for her leg. She went back to the vet again yesterday because she was having a hard time getting around the last few days. We have been walking her around the back yard like the instructions said to do but when the vet looked at her and reviewed her x-rays again he said that maybe walking was a bit much so try her with swimming. Mr. P took her this morning SHE LOVED IT!!!! And then she went to the range with him and laid in the grass and watched him shoot for a bit...she was right in her element! MY poor girl, I hope that all goes well and she's back out hunting in the fall with her BFF. He missed her this past year!

That's about it for tonight, I'm beat. I don't think that the Remicade is working like it had been, we evaluate how I feel once a month before the infusion and I haven't been all together honest...maybe I'll fib a time or two more and see how I do, yuck! Well, enough of feeling sorry for myself. I'm going to make a hot cup of tea and snuggle in with my book & my furry pals!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. Girl, you better tell them how you really feel. Perhaps they can try something different... just like with your Ms. B:) Hugs to you, pray you have a wonderful day and blessings galore!

  2. Ohh I hope you and Ms. B get to feeling better soon! Swimming sounds great for her leg. Keep that up. Have a great day!

  3. Oh, What is that Doctors number??? I am gonna tell on you!! You better tel them how you feel for real so that they can do something else that may make you feel even better!!

    I sure hope that Ms. B get better I am sure she enjoyed he swimming nd it probably made her leg feel better!!

    You enjoy your day!! LYLAS!