Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Of Those Days......

Oh my, have you ever had one of those feel slim when you wake up and then before you know it you feel like you've swallowed an entire watermelon :/ that was me today!!! Stick a fork in me I AM DONE!!!!!

And what is it when you feel like that you just want to shove food in your pie hole all day long...well, at least I didn't do that, stuck to my fruits & veggies BUT I SO WANTED TO BREAK INTO THE VENDING MACHINE DOWN THE HALL!!!!

Uggghhhhh...I'm going to bed before I devour one of the dogs :)

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!

Oh, one more thing....please remember Justin, Justin, Billy, Blake, Ryan, Julie's mom & dad ~ Keep up the prayers, they really work!!!


  1. heh heh heh....I LOVE the tutu on the hippo.
    I have felt like that on some days in my clothes. Like every where on my body there was a roll or bulge popping out somewhere, and if I poked it in would just move to another place and pop out.argh....
    HATE that! If I just poked it with a pin would it all go away????????????!!!!
    You made me laugh... :-) Hope you feel skinny in the morning!...and the feeling stays! hugs!..
    no more phone calls or attempts yet...

  2. I have those days, too. I am a salty-sweet eater. I have not figured out a snack yet that is a good mixture of both, so I just alternate, which is so bad..the whole watermelon feeling. Thanks for the laugh this morning. Have a great day.

  3. Cute and yes I have had those days! I am praying from Savannah this morning:) Love you and have a blessed day!

  4. Oh yes mam I have those days!!! I wish I didn't but I do and could raid the vending machine at school and eat everything in it but most of all they have zero candy bars in there and well that is my all time favorite!! But I just move on and get me a water and back to class and eat the pretzels I brought from home!! So I saved money and fat on my butt!! Have a great day!! LYLAS!!

  5. I sooo understand...
    I'm having one of those days as we speak and it's only 7:32 in the morning!!!!

  6. That piggy is way too cute! I've been around food all day today, so I'm feeling rather piggy right now...

  7. Yes, honey. I have those days a lot. Had a bad one yesterday. I just don't keep anything that will cause me to uncontrollably pig out. It's the only thing that works.