Friday, April 9, 2010

Help Help Help.....I'm Stuck..........

I tried & succeeded in spinning our mattress this morning but not without getting myself into trouble :)!!!

We have a Tempurpedic Mattress queen size, have you ever tried one of these out LOVE LOVE LOVE OURS!!! But that thing is dense & heavy! I have been asking Mr. P to help me spin it for a few weeks now and well, you guessed it...he hasn't so this morning I decided to do it myself!! Not a good idea ~ I was able to shove it up high enough so I could crawl under it (I can't lift anything heavy due to the titanium cages & screws in my neck, when I lift heavy objects it feels like my chest is going to cave in) well anyway, I crawled under the mattress and I was holding it up and moving it along with my back & legs when my foot slipped and I went down onto the box spring & the mattress fell on top of me.

After I collected myself I just started to laugh until I realized that I was stuck...I couldn't call for help NOBODY WAS HOME GRRRRRRR!!!!! I squirmed around for about 20 minutes before I was able to slip out and onto the floor. Then up I got & did it again, ahhh success! NEVER AGAIN!!!!! I have to admit I was laughing all morning long!

Now my poor neck is killing me, can we say get the Ben Gay :) ~ I have a confession, I love Ben Gay!!

Well, I off...Until tomorrow Be Safe & God Bless!!!!

Keep up the prayers ~ They really work!!!!


  1. I love Ben too, shhhh we won't tell anyone. You need a spanking for doing that, you could have been hurt bad:( Glad you figured out how to get yourself out but sorry you hurt your neck. Hugs to you and tell Ben I said HI! Enjoy your evening! Love you all!

  2. Now, you know better than to do something like that when no-one is home!! You could have been hurt bad!! But I know how it is to want something done and it never gets done so you just do it yourself and then have to pay for it later!! Enjoy your evening with Ben careful!! LYLAS!!