Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not Much To Say.......

Well, I'm at a loss! It doesn't happen often, but tonight I just don't have anything to say...IMAGINE THAT?????

I just haven't been feeling like myself lately, so darn tired & sore :( I have Remicade tomorrow, my doctor's office called me this morning to see where I had my labs done...hmmmmmmm say I "you didn't tell me I had to have blood drawn, so I didn't go anywhere" ~ this irritates me! They have upped the dosage for all of the medication I take throughout the month and also the Remicade * I am supposed to have lab work done very 6 weeks to check my liver enzymes and inflammatory markers...maybe that's why my eyes have been a little yellow ~ I don't know. I'd like to quit all of it!

Unfortunately I carry the HLA-B27 which is a common indicator for Rheumatoid & Ankylosing Spodylitis, both of which I have ~ I hope that my kiddos don't have it and that it will not be passed on to their children....they only test you for the gene if you show signs and symptoms GRRRR!

Well, I'm sure that you don't want to hear me babble on & besides I don't have anything to say remember!!

I read Julie's post and my heart broke...we lost a young man here too, he lived two streets over from us and graduated a year before our Billy, billy knew him but doesn 't kno wyet of his passing! He was killed by a sniper. He came home today and the streets were lined with his classmates, friends & neighbors & his family...Mr. P went to see him come home, he just stood there crying & praying and trying to imagine what that young man's parents must be feeling...he leaves behind a small child, who will grow up to know that his Daddy was a true American Hero.....

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....please keep up the prayers ~ they really work!!!


  1. I sometimes understand that not having alot to say!! I sometimes feel the same way and especially when I read Julies really just takes things to a different level!! I just want out guys home!! You think you could try writing that letter now to the president and see if he can send them on home!! You have a great evening!! LYLAS!!

  2. Me too, sometimes I don't have anything to say but muster up something to tell you friends! I am praying that you feel better. I don't know how you feel but I know that you feel bad a lot more that you let on.

    My heart is breaking for the families of the young me who gave their lives. It is more than I can even think about. I'll be praying and they ARE truly heros! I appreciate Mr. P going and showing our thanks!

    Love you up there from down here and hope you feel better!

  3. OH Lynda...I am so sorry for you that you have to go through all you do with the challenges you have health wise. You still have an amazing sense of humor even though you suffer... That is deserving of a standing ovation. Hope that you get through tomorrow with a smooth slide into home and a big doggie kiss and a hug from Mr. P and maybe some tea???
    Think about the weekend!
    I'm thankful for your hubby and all that turned out to show their respect and gratitude and sympathy to the family of a fallen warrior.
    I'm sure it touches their wounded hearts.
    I'm sure it will hurt Billy to have to hear this...but they are tough and brave. They respect one another and know their fellow brothers gave it all and were willing to do so.
    Will say a prayer for your neighbor family
    Feeling their sacrifice....

  4. It's always hard when I hear of a fallen Marine. It doesn't matter if I know them - they're family just the same. My heart aches for those that are left behind... Praying for the family and friends.

    Sorry you're having a rough go of it lately. May God give you the comfort and strength that you need.