Thursday, April 22, 2010

Momma Doesn't Blog In The Lightening

Or talk on the phone, or run the dishwasher or hand wash dishes in the sink, or run the washing machine, or, watch T.V., or take a shower, or, sleep on a water bed!!!

Yes, you guessed it I am deathly afraid of lightening ^ we are having one heck of a storm so I need to hurry ~ BEFORE A BOLT COMES STRAIGHT DOWN AND ZAPS ME!!!

In case you missed it one of my earlier blogs was about lightening and what I did to poor Mr. P one night when we were first married, he will never let me live it down!

O.k. GOTTA' GO!!!!!!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless ~ oh & please KEEP ON PRAYING!!!


  1. I'm not so keen about lightning either, 'specially mixed with electronics!!
    Glad you got your post in though...Now I have to go and look for that post from the past about your lightning story and what all that's about...!! HUGS and yes keep praying!

  2. Yep, I am skeeerrrreeeed of lightning too:) Enjoy your evening! HUGS!

  3. I am wondering what happened, too. Which post was it? I wanna read. I have two big bulldogs and storms make them shake like toy poodles. You are so darn funny. Have a great day!

  4. Yes mam, I am scared of lightning too!!! I think we will have those storms tomorrow!!! You have a great evening...I am trying to catch up on blogs!! LYLAS!!