Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Finally Sprung In Our Little Yard.......

This picture was taken on Easter Sunday, I don't know if you can see him or not....but,there is a fat little squirrel eating cashews ~ Mr. P always yells at me for feeding them, but I can't help it ~ I THINK THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!
A few years ago we had a momma & two baby squirrels that lived up in that tree & they used to come up on the railing of the deck when I would come out and wait for me to feed them!!!

The lilac bush right outside our slider, I love to open the door and smell these beauties, hopefully they will be in full bloom soon!

My flower box in the back...Ms. B loves to jump up in there and root for the bulbs ~ GRRRRRR!

Well, that's it for tonight.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless.....


  1. The flowers are lovely, but I'm totally loving the Marine Corps Flags. Where did you find them??? :)

  2. Beautiful springy yard! Love all of the flowers, lilac bush and even the little squirrel:) Have a blessed day my friend! Big hugs from ME!

  3. Love the pictures!! I am not one to get out and plant so no flower beds for me!! You enjoy your day...LYLAS!!

  4. Ooo! love that back yard view! Ooorah for the Marine symbolic decor back there! Makes that little squirrel stand at attention when he's eating chow!
    AND I HEAR YA about those devil dawgs rootin and snooting to dig up stuff or critters! double grrrrrr. whaddarya gonna do?!
    My lilac bush is juuuuuuust about to bloom.
    Love the smell, but can't bring a bouquet in cause it will set off the sneezer meter with my allergy guys...Just have to walk outside and sniff as I pass.
    Take care . Have an outstanding day.

  5. I saved your first picture to show my husband! Those are my kind of flower beds! How clever! Throwing a big old hint his way. Maybe I will print the picture and stick it on the tv. lol! Thanks for sharing your back yard! xoxo

  6. Hi Lynda. Pretty spring yard. I love it all, especially the Marine decor! :)