Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Bounty Moment.....

Oh my, CindyLou are you out there?????? Do you remember how worked up we were all getting right before the boys graduated from Boot Camp, huh, well, DO YA??? I'm whipping myself up into a frenzy, yes, I am a big ole' HOT MESS ~ JUST LIKE BOOT CAMP DAYS!!!!

I am cranky, I am excited, I am happy, I am anxious, I AM NUTS!!!!! Don't mess with me, because I may look harmless BUT I RAISED A MARINE & I DO BITE :) ~ LOL!

I ordered this sign from Buildasign.com for the front of the house ~ OOHRAH!!! I can't wait to hang it!!!

I ran out for a bit of retail therapy last night & I got the best news while I was out, Cindy had heard from Justin & he was GOOD & I could hear the laughter in her text :) I always get a little anxious when it's been a few or more days that she has gone without word from that sweet fella and well, knowing that she got her call & let me know that he was safe was just too much for this Crazy Marine Mom to take...I broke down outside of Kohl's, HAPPY TEARS but tears just the same. Man oh man did I get some crazy looks, LOL!!!! I was jsut wandering through the store and I couldn't stop, the tears were just flowing! I was in the kitchen section and this little old man was just standing there waiting for his wife, he noticed I was crying and I was wearing my MY SON IS A US MARINE tee, he asked if anything was wrong ~ I told him no but thanks for asking and then I thought what the heck...Sir, my son has been away from home for almost 18 months and my dear friends son is away fighting for our country and well sir, my son will be home very soon and my sweet friend just let me know that she just heard from her son. He is good & life is good sir, I just miss my boy but I am a PROUD MARINE MOM & they are doing thier job"...
"well ma'am, I want to thank you and please tell your friend that I said thank you too", he rolled up his shirt sleeve to show me his VERY VERY old faded USMC tattoo. Ladies he was a Marine, yup I CRIED AGAIN....he gave me a hug and a salute & I gave him a big hug and a peck on the cheek!!! I think he was an angel sent there just for me :)

Pass the BOUNTY PLEASE, I'm crying again!!!!!

Until tomorrow, Be SAfe & God Bless ~ PLEASE KEEP ON PRAYING IT REALLY WORKS!!!


  1. Oh what a sweet post and yes I remember those HOT MESS days and I have them so often!!! I just cried reading about the man at kohl's and that he was a USMC guy!! I love those fellas...young and old!! I don't know where I would be if it were not for you and all my family and friends to help me through some of these times!! Have a great day...LYLAS

  2. Oh my goodness, it's too early for tears:) I love the sign and the Kohl's fella, dang girl... what a story! I believe there are Angels all around us and they drop in when we need them. Isn't it amazing how all of those things happened to lead you to meet him, amazing! Well, you are almost there and oh how much fun are you gonna have when you get your sweet Son home. Just try not to hurt him when you are squeezing him so hard:) Have a blessed day dear Lynda! Big ole tear filled HUGS! :)

  3. That gave me chills. God amazes me with the angels here on this earth. I am so excited for you and I can't wait to hear all about Billy's homecoming.

  4. Hey Hot Marine Mom Sis!!!
    What a great day! Billy's room looks great and welcoming and just "HOME" talking....
    You got your veteran Marine hug and salute. Cindy got her sweet Marine voice in her ear......AND>>>>>>> I got my call!!!! Thanks so much for praying. ***almost 6 weeks! but it finally came through at 4:30 this morning.
    WOOT OOO-RAH PRAISE THE LORD!!!! He sounded just awesome. Very upbeat and strong. got 20 minutes of a very crystal clear line that has been set up at their FOB. Hoping they will be more regular now. NOW! if we can just get some of his letters!!!! HUGS HUGS HUGS to you!

  5. Wow... bringing us all to tears. God is amazing how He puts people in the path for us. ;D