Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Feeling A Bit Nervous.....

I have to let you in on a little secret, as silly as it sounds I am feeling a little nervous about seeing Billy again!!! I don't know why, I just am...last night I was awake for a long time thinking about him! He always gave me a run for my money, tested the limits, pushed my buttons, tugged at my heart strings, made me hold my breath, made my sigh with relief, made me laugh, made me cry, made me sit back and say WOW.

Will he still love me, will he still like me, will he still share secrets with me, will he let me make him breakfast, hug him, kiss him on the top of the head when he is sitting at the table, will I be able to find things to talk to him about, will he want to spend time with his MOTHER....so many questions, so many feelings!

He joined the Marines, went to Boot Camp, went to the to the other side of the world, HE GREW UP WITHOUT ME!!!

YIKES ~ I am a nervous wreck!!! Hello anyone, anyone at all...is this normal, am I CRAZY???? ~ I want to hide in my shell like that turtle up there :/

Well, now that I am a ONE BIG OLE' HOT MESS I'm going to go and think some more & work myself up into a real frenzy!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless ~ PLEASE KEEP PRAYING IT REALLY WORKS!!


  1. Yes, yes yes...he will still- ALL of those things....How do I know??? Because YOU, Lynda P, are his mom... And again, because you are HIS MOM. What I'm sayin is...YOU are such a loving mama so full of life and love for him and that is what he knows of you. emphasis on your unique personality. and you are BILLY'S MOM. There is no other lady who can be that name. You raised that Marine! He may be different, He may be more independent, more mature, more "just give me advice if I ask mom."...but he will always let you kiss him...he will always love you, he will still plant flowers with you, whatever you want...
    I figured out that when Justin came home it wasn't all about seeing me his mama and spending all his time with me, as it was just getting to come "HOME" and kicking back, and sleeping in, and eating GOOD mama cooking, and I just happened to be there listening to him and doing for him, and kissing him on top of the head too!!! That bristly top! I tried really hard not to "mother him". I knew after boot camp and living in the fleet, he didn't need or desire that anymore. He was just "visiting" the homeplace and enjoying down time, away from the ruts of LeJeune. I didn't make too many plans for him.
    You are being very normal...Our sons are no longer our boys, even though we call them that. They are men now...and they want to be respected by mom, but they still take those kisses!!!! Just think, he's probably got some butterflies too!
    SO MANY HUGS sent to you. Every thing will be A-OK and RAH!! You'll see.

  2. Well after reading Julies comment...I sit here in tears!! I myself have so many of those same feelings!! I sent my son off to a war and he was sweet and kind and I am so afraid that he will be sooo different when he gets back!! I just am so nervous about homecoming!! So yes it is normal and yes our little boys did grow up to be our heros...but, they still will love their mamas!! So don't go and hide but stand strong!! LYLAS!!!

  3. Oh Ladies, Sister and Friend! Those fellas are coming home to their Mamas:) Don't be nervous, he is gonna come running to you and hug you 'til you wet your pants! He is gonna be just as excited to see you as you are him! It has been a long time since you've seen him and he you... but LOVE knows NO distance and KNOWS NO lengths of times! Love is love and love will be there when you meet up with your Son again:) As soon as you see each other, all will be just fine! HUGS to you Dear Lynda! You are almost there, don't worry... be happy:)

    Love you bunches and prayers for a peaceful night's sleep!

  4. (((hugs))) He'll be different, but he'll still be your son, your baby. You've received some amazing encouragement from others, so I'll just say it's completely normal to be nervous.

    May God bless you with a good night's rest.