Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lazy Day.......

It rained off and on here all day today, I couldn't get my new plants in ~ GRRRR!!! Mr. P is going to clean out my flower boxes & the whiskey barrels and I'll just have to plant when I get in. My assistant Ms. B will be more than willing to laze around outside while I work away!

I picked up some pretty purple petunias & some pink & red begonias & 3 beautiful hanging baskets for the back door and the garage! I love to look out the back window and see all of that color & I want the yard to look nice for Billy when he gets in. He always loved to help me plant flowers and to check on their progress trough-out the season :)

Other than the usual laundry, ironing & getting ready for the week ahead we did pretty much NOTHING...I was a soccer junkie all day, I watched all three game & was so happy for Ghana when they won & of course I was cheering loud for Germany!!! I was born there and well, I just had to cheer them on & they won a smashing victory over Australia! Billy is really into the World Cup too, they watch the opening games & got ROWDY ROWDY ROWDY!! They will be tuning into the Japanese match tomorrow morning & of course the Boston Celtics! That's on here at 8:00pm so I'll be tuning in, after a nap of course!! I can't stay up late anymore!!

I made out my grocery list ~ it's going to be a BIG ONE LOL!!!! I have a todo list of things I need to get done before Saturday so I'll be busy all week long.

I hope that all of you had a great weekend! I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow!

Until then, Be Safe & God Bless & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS PLEASE!!!!


  1. I am having a lazy day too! Well, it didn't start out lazy but since I have been home from Church, I haven't gotten off the sofa! It is scorching hot here. Enjoy your week, it's countdown time:) YES! Billy's coming home! Big hugs and prayers for this week to go by fast!

  2. Getting goosebumps for you! wow.....
    wooooooooowwwwwww!!!!! SO close!
    Hugs! Smiling with you...Staying calm for you since I know you can't!!!

  3. This countdown is bigger than Christmas! I'm so excited for you! Enjoy your lazy weekend... because it doesn't sound like next weekend will be!