Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Thrifting Finds...........

Yesterday I was lucky to be able to find a spot to park outside of St. Vincent's Thrift Shop....I love going in there and I don't always have the time or I can't find a spot to park, but not yesterday...Drove by saw a primo spot and pulled in!!

I love wandering around in there...I have found so many cute things in there over the years, they have a whole section full of furniture, most of it is just random "stuff" that people donate but sometimes if you hit it right you can find some nice pieces. Yesterday I found a beautiful antique cabinet with a nice big drawer in it, I asked the man to hold it for me until next week so Mr. P could take a look at it and measure it up...if it fits where I want to put it, it will be MINE!!! I already have plans for it, so I'm hoping it's not too big!!!!

Take a look at what I did find for just a buck-a-piece :) MY KIND OF FIND!!!!

I moved this cutie (yup, found it there too a few years back for just .75) to the top of this cabinet.....

and....VIOLA ~ they have a new home in my cute little kitchen....Good thing I cleaned everything on Friday ~ wouldn't want all of you to see my sweet little Dust Bunnies ~ LOL!!

That's about it, my last load of laundry is in the dryer & after that's folded and put away I'm going to relax a bit!!

Hope that you had a great weekend!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...PLEASE keep praying it really works!!!

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  1. Oh Girlie, I love me some thrifty finds! Can't wait to hear if the cabinet fits and LOVE the pictures... what a steal:) Enjoy your day my friend! Hope you have a mighty nice Monday! HUGS!